Note From The President

27th February 2018,



Dear Members,

You may or may not have noticed that we are currently doing a lot of maintenance on the Web Site. This is planned maintenance and will involve the site being unavailable on occasions.

We are currently in the process of moving our server to a different provider. The main reasons for this are three fold.

Firstly, the “old” server was slow, we have developed a phone app which will be down loadable from the Web Site. The “old” server was to slow to operate the app efficiently. We have tested the app on the new server and the app is now efficient.

Secondly, we required a better back up service than the one currently available. The new server provides this facility.

Thirdly, the new server provides a cache facility that greatly enhances the sites speed.

We are in the process and have been for some time, of updating our back of office processes. The “old” server’s slowness was detrimental to this process.

I sincerely hope that you understand that for some short term pain there will be a massive long term gain for PSC. You may find that the next time you log onto our web site it may seem slow, for technical reasons that I do not fully understand (even though they were explained to me by our IT professional).  I am assured and have experienced that the next time you log onto the site you will have a much smoother and faster experience.

We have many future enhancements in mind that our upgraded server will easily accommodate. So please be patient through this transition process. We are already through the hardest part of the process.


Maurice Roberts




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