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GOLF SOCIETY MEETING OF 30/06/2018  For PDF file click here


The meeting started at 0930. Some of the attending members stated that they had not received an email informing them of the meeting. It was The Chairman undertook to have the mailing list checked and updated as necessary.  All bars and golf organisers are requested to send an email to or to make sure they are included on future mails.

  1. The Chairman explained that at a previous meeting he had requested feedback & Suggestions on the way forward to help improve tournament attendance. The main points raised were:


Tournaments to be held on a specified day of the month to allow for organizers planning. It was agreed that as a trial we would plan for the tournament to be held on the third Friday of each month.


To avoid unnecessary waiting round after a tournament it was suggested and agreed that the presentation for the tournament would take place at one of the participating bars that had the facilities to hold the presentation.


Prizes for the events were discussed and the current practise of giving vouchers was thought to be dated. Whereas and in general trophies were not really considered good some thought that something more special including crystal glasses or similar as other organisations used would be welcome. In particular crystal purchased from lotus Crystal in Rayong seemed quite popular. Others mentioned quality gold shirt may also be an idea. Chairman said he would investigate the possibilities.


2.Upcoming events were discussed.

20th July at Pattaya Country Club. The meeting was informed that there had been some obtuse remarks on Facebook regards this venue. These had not been seen as Facebook is not a choice for information for the committee.  Some attendees said that the state of the course was a concern and for that reason this venue had been avoided by the golf organizers. Feedback from attendees that had recently played the course said that this was no longer true. In that it is unlikely a replacement venue could be found at short notice this planned event will go ahead. Organisers are requested to try and support PSC in this.

17th August Treasure Hill Golf Course. It was generally agreed that this would be a suitable venue. Once again maximum support was requested.

The chairman informed all that Pleasant Valley was under consideration for 21 September. This proved to be an unpopular venue. It was commented that the current deal PSC have with Laem Chabang Golf Course was very popular. It was the general feeling that we should try and organise a tournament there even if it had to be on a Monday. The chairman undertook to discuss this with the course.

The meeting was told about a plan to hold a mini tournament to Soi Dao Golf course in Chantaburi early August. It had been planned to have around 25 Players on this event. However at the meeting it was stated by many that this would be of interest to many societies and organizers.  It was requested that this be made a full tournament and not limited in number. Once again the chairman undertook to make the necessary enquiries…

Some discussion was made on the merits of the various Handicap systems operating in Pattaya. It was stated that there had been some concerns about the software being used and that there had been some problems. It is believed that the problems have now been largely rectified. The positive aspects of the USGA handicap system used by PSC were acknowledged where both local players and visitors were using a worldwide accepted system.

The Chairman informed all that it was planned to hold the next Charity Classic event November or December. Those in attendance thought that November may be the optimum month as visitor numbers should be high. It was stated that we are looking for a class venue and maximum support to make this event special. We will try and finalise the venue shortly so that much effort can be put into the organisation and sponsor search.

Finally the meeting asked everyone attending to assist finding volunteers for enhancing the Golf Organisational Committee. The more people involved makes the job much easier and having different view points on how to manage is good. Lady members would also be most welcome as we want to improve our lady attendance and having their voices on the committee would help.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1115.