Tropical Golf 30/1

Tuesday The 30th January 2018: Treasure Hill ( Stableford) Every Month we have a Competition for the ‘Monthly Mug”. This is a Stroke Competition and is Sponsored by Bill Jones, or BJ of The BJ’s Holiday Lodge.  For those who do not know this is our home base and they look after us very well.

On this day we were to play Treasure Hill and for those who do not know the Course, it is a toughie, and playing Stroke not one to be toyed with. We usually play Stableford on this Course as it is easy to run up a big score on any hole, still it was the test for the day although all realised it could be a big test.

The first test for the day was getting there as tests are still going on on the motorway and some thought going down Sukhumwit was as good. Well going the motorway way and up the ex Bouncy Bouncy road and turning left on the 331 won the day. Mind the Sukhumwit car did turn up eventually, seems there are regular tailbacks on the way to Sriracha.

The good thing about Treasure Hill at present is the great deal for  Green Fee/Caddy and Cart, well worth the trip. So there we were and soon off hoping that the rain would not come. The Course was a bit damp but the weather was very good so we moved on quite well. However it was proving a difficult day to score, and as the first group we thought our scores were not good. Still we played on with fairways well grassed, greens good but slow and rough, well really rough. I know many balls went for a walk on the way around.

As the leading group, as we teed off on the last it started to rain, quite lightly really. So a move on was called for.  As we zoomed up the last the rain slowly strengthened until as we sank our puts and went up to the car, the heavens opened. We just made it to the cover over the cars as the real downpour started. Under the cover over the cars it was deafening as the rain hammered onto the roof and all we could do was be thankful we were not still on the Course. So into the shower and into the restaurant to await those of our group caught in the downpour. We were really sad to see the rain still coming down.

Soon we were on our way back and when we reached Pattaya we found they had not seen any rain. Weird this weather innit.

Soon into the results. Even if not impressive you only have to do enough to win. And it is a tough Course in the rain.

In the A Flight, 0 to 23, the winner was Mike Johns with a net 75 ahead of Mashi Kaneta in second with a net 77. In third was Dick Warberg with a net 79 ahead of a three way countback on net 80 that saw Paul Weatherly in fourth and Richard Kubicki and John Davis just missing out.

In the B Flight, 25 up, the winner was Joachim Sparwith with a net 75  ahead of a countback on net 77 that saw Torsten Bischof in second and Karen Brown in third. In fourth was Don Carmody with a net 79.

Now to the big one, with a net 74 Landis Brooks won the BJ’s Monthly Mug. Well done.   T.T.F.N.

Pic   BJ, in sun glasses, and Landis in centre with mug, with Mike Johns on right and Joachim on left.

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